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Vocal Coach

Improve your technique. Expand your repertoire.

Whether you want to learn to sing, improve your vocals or have a performance that you want help with, I can help. 

Do you know what style of song suits your voice, what your vocal range is and have the songs at hand that are right for you and your voice?

People I have worked with:

Michael Ball, Johnny Partridge, Jo Clifton, Jake Quickenden, Ben Adams, John Barrowman, Ruthie Henshall, Micha Paris, Suggs, Marti Webb, Adrain Zmed, Brian Conley, Gareth Gates, Maureen Nolan, Lee Brennan, John Lee, Denise Black, Nigel Planer, Les Dennis, Mark Evans, Matt Flint, Micky Starke, Carrie and David Grant, Natalie Casey, Bonnie Langford, Mickey Dolenze, Ben Richards and Vincent and Flavia as well as many more artists and performers working in Theatre, Film and TV.

Whether you want to sing solo or in a group, you can book per hour or book in a few sessions in advance. 

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Price List

Take Your Pick


30 minutes


1 hour

£125 (p/h)

Group Session

(4+ persons)

Vocal Coach: Price List
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